Sunday, July 29, 2007

Se habla Español.

New: A DVD with 3 "Kimba El León Blanco" episodes from the 1960s. These Spanish Kimba shows were produced by the same company that produced Kimba The White Lion originally for the US. They have top-notch voice acting (one of the actors sounds to me like one of the English actors; maybe he was multi-lingual) and all the original music by Isao Tomita. All are complete, with nothing cut out, just like when they were first shown. Plus they have a very cool Spanish theme, sung to the tune of the classic English Kimba theme. These films are very rare, and it's great to have them available again.


  1. Nothing wrong with a new Kimba release, but what made you decide to restore Spanish language episodes? And also if you don't mind, how did you come across your personal copies of the shows?

  2. I've been watching the Spanish Kimbas that are being broadcast now, and the show deserves a lot better. The 3 episodes are from original 16mm films produced at the same time the original English version was produced.