Wednesday, August 29, 2007

More Kimba Stuff!

New additions to the White Lion Shop:

The original 1967 "Jungle Emperor Hit Parade" album digitally remasterd on CD! This is the hard-to-find Japanese CD from Columbia Music Entertainment. Factory-sealed, imported from Japan. 15 original songs written by the great Isao Tomita for the original Kimba The White Lion TV series in beautiful stereo recordings that sound like they were recorded yesterday. One of my favorite CDs of all time.

The "Sunday Comics" books all in color! When the TV show became a hit, new manga stories were published which are not a part of any Jungle Emperor manga books. These are short original stories that create new adventures for Kimba and have previously been published under the banner "Sunday Comics". Each book is imported from Japan and is in Japanese; and each contains 96 pages, all in color.

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