Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A Lion Called Christian is back in stock.

I am so happy to see that so many people want to get to know the story of Christian the lion. There's been great demand for the book; so much so that it's getting really hard to find any more. I've got 2 more copies on hand now, and the way things look, that may be all I'll have for quite some time.

I've added some other Tezuka collectibles to the White Lion Shop--look at the far right panel. The big things are some Amazing Three toys, featuring the incredibly cute Bonnie Bunny. More good stuff gets added almost every day.

The poll (below) is interesting. I didn't expect many votes in favor of the 1993 version of Kimba. I will have to look into this further. The DVDs of this version that have come out so far have sucked big time--not anywhere near as good as the Ultra Edition box set that contains the 1966 version of Kimba. I won't settle for sucky DVDs.

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