Saturday, February 21, 2009

Why Kimba?

As you probably know, this blog is an extension of the site There may seem to be a disconnect there, because while this blog is concerned with the facts about animals, Kimba The White Lion is a cartoon.

So what's the connection?

The idea that animals are less alive in all aspects than humans is not reality. Therefore it must have an emotional basis to persist so strongly. I don't know how else to put it; it's not logical, so it must appeal to some other aspect of the human psyche.

Good fiction, like Kimba The White Lion, appeals to the emotions while having a basis in reality. So, it can approach the problem of emotional misconceptions where they lie, so to speak.

The line of dialog that made me sit up and take notice came in the 3rd episode of Kimba, spoken by Kimba: "If only I could speak their language, I could make them understand..." Now that speaks right to my heart.

So many people have told me that watching Kimba changed and shaped the way they thought about animals. And since the theme of most episodes is peaceful co-existence and understanding between all species, that's certainly good.

So I continue to approach the subject of understanding animals from the logical and observational standpoint. And it's good we have something like Kimba, that appeals to all ages, to approach the subject from another angle.

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