Thursday, April 02, 2009

Family shares their life with a vixen

Miss Snooks, the vixen, was brought into a pet shop in the UK when she was a baby. After a lot of thought, the family that owns the pet shop decided to keep her. They have adjusted their schedule to match the nocturnal habits of the fox, and they give up vacations to keep care of her. (It's good to know that the needs of the animal are number one priority; it's not easy on a pet when the family just "goes away" for a couple of weeks.)

The fox is described as very loving, and loves to sit with the family. She even watches television and enjoys a cup of coffee (with sugar) every morning.

Video, with some delightful scenes, at the BBC web site.

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  1. On the subject of wild canids living with people... Just thought you might be interested, there's a channel on youtube from a Japanese girl who lives with a tanuki (aka a "raccoon dog", sort of related to foxes) that was rescued - um, her English is a bit dodgy, so I THINK he was rescued as a pup because he was in danger of being hit by a car. Anyway, his name is Pochi and he's got the run of the house and is even friends with their dog Peko.

    There's some insanely cute stuff there. Tanuki are relatively unheard of outside of Asia, and they're treated horribly by the fur industry there, and generally considered to be stupid animals, so it's interesting to see videos of a tanuki living happily with people.

    And here's a real raccoon being a jerk and stealing a doormat.