Monday, March 10, 2008

New Kimba Plush!

We have Kimba and Kitty plush toys! These are the largest such plush I have ever been able to find: Kimba is 8 inches tall and Kitty is 7 inches tall.

We also have just ONE copy of A Lion Called Christian in stock. Worldwide demand for this book is very high right now and they are very hard to find.

We also got limited quantities of previously-sold-out Kimba VHS tapes. Some people have said they like the "un-restored" look of the VHS tapes--it captures that "70s UHF TV" feeling.

Rumors abound concerning a DVD release of the 1989 Kimba series (aka The New Adventures of Kimba), but I have not been able to confirm them. If you know of anything concerning an upcoming release, please point me in the direction of some solid information!