Sunday, June 28, 2009

Adopted by a Butterfly

photo from the Washington Post article linked at leftIn this article (free registration may be required but they don't spam you), a former reporter for the Washington Post tells of how a butterfly took a liking to him and stayed with him for weeks.

From the article:
...Day by day, he became, from my point of view, increasingly friendly and playful. I began to keep a log of his comings and goings as well as of his stunts, which reminded me of a fighter pilot who fired no weapons but just loved flying.

...How did I know it was the same butterfly that landed on me each time? The answer was in his behavior. It was so consistent that it was hard to imagine another butterfly precisely duplicating it.

...I'm convinced that he also had a tremendous sense of joy. The novelist Vladimir Nabokov picked up on this. A passionate amateur lepidopterist, Nabokov once wrote that the red admiral is "a most frolicsome fly."

...I began paying a lot more respect to all insects. Poppy taught me how little we know about these small creatures. He didn't completely change my life, but he certainly enhanced my ability to question.

...I had made a connection with the natural world that I had never dreamed possible.

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