Sunday, July 11, 2010

Kingdom United Against Brutality -- I Hope...

Hey, England! Here are some videos of the animals your "landed gentry" want the right to literally, physically tear to bloody shreds:

That's right, now that there's been a change in government in England, the rich folk want the fox hunting ban repealed. They call the ban "class warfare". I suggest that they get their heads out of their castes and wake up to the fact that they are the ones committing brutal, senseless warfare against intelligent beings with feelings and a family life probably more advanced than their attackers'.

To think that in this 21st century, there are large numbers of people who consider it their right to be barbarians while calling themselves elite... The fox hunt ban not only needs to stand, it needs to have some real teeth put into it.


  1. Thankyou so much for posting this!
    I live in the UK and I have noticed an increased hostility towards foxes in the UK in recent years more so now because there was a case where two babies were attacked by a fox.
    Fortunately, the babies were fine and will recover, however, the parents blew it out of proportion. They went on chat shows and kept telling the papers and now people are acting like foxes are dangerous and should be destroyed.
    It's really such a relief to find people who realise that foxes aren't bad.
    I just wish that people would get into their heads that there are few attacks on people and it's an inevitable part of living on Earth. They have to get used to it!

  2. I agree with you and when people go on a campaign you have to question what's really behind it.

    Concerning the event you mention, I agree with this man, quoted by the BBC:
    "John Bryant, a pest control consultant who specialises in foxes, said the attack did not sound like typical fox behaviour. Mr Bryant, who is an RSPCA Trustee and a member of its Wild Animals Strategy Committee, said: ... 'It just doesn't make any sense to me.'"

    The previous such event, according to the BBC web site, was in 2002. Eight years, two problems. Shall we look at dog bite statistics for the same time period?