Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Same World, Different Perceptions

The article I'm linking to today, The Six Most-Mind-Blowing Animal Senses, is on a humor site ( That doesn't mean the facts stated aren't true; it's just written in a humorous manner.

What makes this article special is that it points out that animals practically live in a different world than we do. People are still hung up on the idea that animals don't have minds, don't have souls, without realizing how different their bodies are and how those differences naturally result in different expressions of their minds.

The topics covered in the article are:
  • Vampire Bats Have a Map of Your Veins 
  • Catfish Are Giant Swimming Tongues 
  • A Narwhal's Tusk Is a Huge Sensory Organ 
  • A Spookfish Can Hunt and Keep a Lookout Simultaneously, With Mirrorvision 
  • The Mollusk With Eyes Made of Rock 
  • Dolphins Use Holographic Imaging to See Inside You

Just think how different the world seems to these animals.

Different is not inferior.

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