Monday, January 12, 2009

In Sync

When trying to decide on a topic for a new post here, I often get bogged down in "scientific" research papers on animal cognition and such. They usually take the form of 'can we really ascribe emotions to animals?'

My question is, how can any true observer, who is not hampered by fear of offending the establishment status quo, not come to the conclusion that animals are just as rich and deep mentally and emotionally as we are?

And to forward the idea of first-hand observation, I offer to you this web address for a wonderful place called In-Sync Exotics, or even better, a direct link to their Visit the Cats page. It's been several years since I've been able to visit there, but In-Sync still stands out in my memory as home of some of the happiest big cats I've had the pleasure to visit. I would say the people who run the place truly are "in sync" with their animals. If you look through their newsletters, you'll see an emphasis on play. It is indeed a wonderful sight to see adult lions and tigers lose themselves in play like kittens.

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