Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Love, Care, Thoughtfulness, Altruism...

This story has made the rounds, but it's worth repeating...
Cashew, a yellow Labrador Retriever, gradually went blind and deaf. As it became more difficult for Cashew to get around, Libby, an orange tabby cat, started to help Cashew more and more. Libby would lead Cashew to the food dish, guide the dog around obstacles and tag along on walks to keep her friend safe. The two would sleep together and Libby would watch over Cashew.
How many tests of intelligence and self-awareness has Libby cleared with her behavior? Altruism is obvious, often claimed to be a higher human-only trait. Not to belittle wonderful Libby's help for her friend, but there are many other similar stories out there that people need to pay attention to.

You can read more about Libby and Cashew at the ASPCA blog and at a newspaper site, The Daily Item.


  1. that Zeki personJanuary 21, 2009 2:04 PM An elephant at a preserve has "adopted" a dog.

  2. Inter-species friendship is a very large topic, and one that needs to be explored.

    But Libby went beyond friendship. She noticed a need and decided she could fill it. This shows thought and love on such a deep level that only the most determined-to-be-blind person could dismiss it as instinctive behavior.

  3. Here's another link to the video about the elephant and the dog:
    This one spares you the commercial (but not the painful attempt at a joke by the reporter).