Monday, January 26, 2009

Love, altruism, problem solving...

The video below comes from an incident in Chile. You can make a long list of the qualities the hero dog exhibits, but there is no way you can explain away his actions as mere instinct.


  1. T__T That video disturbed me so much when it first aired on the news - everyone so amazed and touched that the dog dragged his (dead, by the way) friend across the street, but NOT A SINGLE PERSON stopped to help the dog, or even slowed down. It makes me ill.

  2. I'm trying to be extremely fair in saying that I don't know the situation on that road: how visible the dog was, how dangerous it would be to stop, etc. The crew that did help the dog had a truck with a lighted arrow sign; I don't know how a car would have fared.

    That said, I have been known to block roadways when animals are crossing. We do what we can.

  3. BTW, the commentator on that video --and on a different one I watched while selecting the clip I would include-- both said the injured dog survived.

  4. I dunno... one of the the original Spanish-language broadcasts said the dog was dead. *shrug* I wish there were someone who could say for certain that they both were adopted and lived.

    I'm a maniac who pulls over and leaps to help newts that are crossing the road, and I move clean roadkill so other wildlife won't get hit while eating it. I can't even imagine driving past that poor dog.